Corporate Connectivity

ITBN can assist in creating fast and reliable connections for a single office, but can also help companies to build multi-site private networks for all of their office locations. We are one of the few providers in China using MPLS to give your network flexibility to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion and bottlenecks.”

Dedicated Bandwidth Solutions

The amount of bandwidth that is available to you will make the difference between instantaneous speeds and a slow connection that is outmatched by your mobile phone. We can allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of global connectivity using the shortest paths that are available; but also making sure to establish an efficient internet connection to allow for high overall efficiency of our services. Dedicated bandwidth can offer access to more reliable services with quick response and zero slowdowns during peak internet periods.

Service Level Agreement

Our services will be performed and distributed with a professional approach that is constantly above industry standards. Alongside to this we will also utilize our Active Monitoring systems to be sure the high integrity of our corporate internet services for all users.

ITBN will monitor your connectivity and speed performance to ensure that you are getting the best quality of internet we can offer. We will inform you when there is a quality decrease in your connectivity and will endeavor to rectify the problem.

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